Properties of the Spanish courses in Valencia

Description of Spanish courses in Valencia

Our school in Valencia is located right in the city centre, just a minute’s walk away from all the main sights and attractions. The school itself comprises of 10 large and airy classrooms, fitted with all the latest language-learning equipment. All classrooms are fully air-conditioned, and the school even has it’s own roof top terrace. Students also have access to a library, a video room, a common room and a computer room. Our Spanish courses are designed to help you achieve a good level of Spanish in a short space of time. We encourage students to make the most of their time in Valencia by fully immersing themselves in the Spanish culture and lifestyle. Our teachers are all highly qualified and have a lot of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Lessons are supported by a range of educational facilities, and the school also arranges extra-curricular activities designed to encourage the student to practice their Spanish outside the classroom as well as in. We also take care of arranging accommodation for each student, either with host families or in our student residences.


Our courses are designed to help students improve the fluency with which they express themselves in Spanish.  Our teachers are experts in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and pride themselves on helping students to achieve an exceptional standard of Spanish in a short space of time.  Whereas grammar continues to be central to our teaching methods, exercises and activities are aimed at teaching students to use their grammar in every day life situations.  This more modern approach to learning a language gives students both a good grounding in grammar, and the communication skills they need to put their Spanish into practice straight away.  We acknowledge that different students have different needs, and have therefore designed our lessons to cater to a variety of different learning styles.  
All lessons are conducted entirely in Spanish and are 55 minutes long.  Each group is made up of no more than 10 students, meaning that the teacher is able to pay a greater amount of attention to the individual needs of each student.  This is a huge advantage when learning a new language.


Our courses are divided into 6 different levels, which cater to students of all abilities, ranging from beginners to advanced.  Lessons follow the syllabus proposed by the Cervantes Institute programme, which falls under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 


Lessons are based on grammar textbooks provided by the school, which are supplemented with handouts prepared by the teachers.  The price of the course covers the cost of the first textbook as well as any additional material.  However, students are required to buy or borrow a new book each time they move up a level.  The school library has a limited number of copies that are available to students on loan, as well as a wide range of course material that students should feel free to consult at any time.


Upon arriving at the school on their first day, students are given a welcome talk by the school director, followed by a level test.   Once the tests have been corrected, students are divided into groups according to their level.  If the student finds that they have been put into a group that is either too hard or too easy for them, they are at liberty to change groups after the first couple of days.  Students are given tests once a month, allowing the teachers to monitor their progress.  


At the end of their stay, students are awarded with a certificate of attendance and an in-depth report on the progress they have made in each aspect of the course.  The certificate of attendance states the name of the course, the number of hours the student has completed, and the level of Spanish they have achieved.


Our teachers are all graduates in Hispanic Philology and have a great deal of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  Their teaching methods are modern and innovative, and classes are lively and entertaining, making a refreshing change from more traditional teaching methods.


Our programme of extra-curricular activities and excursions is designed to help students explore our Spanish culture, to make the most of the friendly local atmosphere created by the people of Valencia, and to fully enjoy the city’s festive ambiance.    When coupled with our Spanish courses, these activities are a great way of practicing Spanish in everyday situations and of getting to know the city.

The cost of the course covers four social activities per week, which include tours of the city, language exchanges with Spanish students, barbecues, dance classes, film nights, discos and a farewell party.

For the sportier student, Valencia offers a wide range of sport activities.  The school is located near a sports centre where you can play tennis, basketball, football, and squash, or take part in fitness classes such as aerobics or step.

The social programme includes activities such as:

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