Valencia Guide

Valencia is the ideal place to learn Spanish. Its perfect blend of modern and traditional architecture, coupled with its Mediterranean climate give the city a harmonious feel that never fails to please. 

Valencia is renowned for both its delicious paella and its orange groves, which are among the largest in Europe. Thanks to its excellent seaside location, the city was even given the honour of hosting the 32nd American Cup, the world’s most famous yacht racing competition.   The city is packed full of culture, history and interesting things to do.  Smaller than most cities, Valencia’s honey coloured buildings, cobbled streets and magnificent plazas giving it more the feel of a large town.  The sea front is lined with bars and restaurants offering a taste of the regions delicious cuisine and the promenade is ideal for those early morning or balmy evening strolls.  Valencia’s fantastic Mediterranean climate allows bars and restaurants to remain open all year round, making it a great place to live as well as a lovely holiday destination.

All these factors, combined with the open minded and friendly people who make Valencia the lively and happening city it is today, come together to make Valencia an ideal location for any length of stay. 

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