Why is important learn Spanish?

There are many reasons why to learn Spanish. The Spanish language is the mother tongue for around 380 million people around the world.Also, about another 100 million use it as their second language. Based on the number of people speaking Spanish, it is the third in the world. Despite of being and spoken languages in different and well apart regions, the Spanish language keeps still quite uniform amongst countries. Especially in a high cultural level. This allows the inhabitants from either side of the Atlantic to understand each other easily. Konwing how to speak Spanish increases the number of opportunities access to the labour market. It could also provide your company with higher growing expectations in the international market. There are many other reasons to learn Spanish, such as the great Spanish and Latin-America cultural offer, architecture, art and the universal literature. The Spanish language is an international language. 21 countries around the globe have Spanish as an official language. Within a decade the demand of Spanish courses has doubled. Spanish is an expanding language. The number of people who speaks Spanish has grown continuously every since the American colonization. Having the highest grow along the XX century. Over 46 million people study Spanish around the world. More than 45 million people use internet daily (out of them, on1 in 5 come from Spain). All together, represent about 6% of the world internet users. In terms of online media presence, Spanish stays second after English. Spanish is the most studied foreign languages in non-Hispanic countries in America and Europe. Nowadays is an official language of the UN and its agencies. As well as in the European Union and many other international agencies. Over the XXI century, the Spanish language is expected to grow faster than most of other major languages around the world. Thus, having a growing international influence. The most conservative expectations, following the survey that Instituto Cervantes offers every year, are that in 2050 there will be around 550 millon people who speak Spanish. And this is only in countries where it is an official language. Therefore, we are not counting the Hispanic inhabitants of the USA. This will also increase, as well as the people who speak it as a second or third language. This makes that Spanish courses a growing market.

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