Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting with Universpain

In Spain, the vine cultivation has been practiced since the times of Tartessos in ancient Iberia to become one of the main wine suppliers throughout the whole Roman Empire. During the centuries of Arab domination, all the vines were removed from the country although it was continued to be grown in Al-Andalus. After the re-conquest, thanks to the monks of the monasteries, winemaking was again spread in the Christian territory.

Nowadays, the passion for wine culture is increasing in our country and there are many high quality wines that are being grown in different Spanish regions. Today, we are the third largest producer in this sector in the whole world.
The spread of specialized bars and taverns, extended wine lists in some restaurants and the increased consumption of wine with denomination of origin are only one of the examples of the changes in wine drinking habits experienced by Spaniards.
In Universpain we suggest you to get to know this amazing world and we offer you the possibility to participate in wine tasting. At first, you will be informed about different Spanish wines, you will be given a dossier with information about flavors, aromas and characteristics thereof and afterwards you will taste several wines learning to appreciate and relish them.
Without any doubts, this is a very interesting activity that allows the students to extend their knowledge of Spanish culture and its products.

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