• Timetable: Morning (9-14) or afternoon (15-19)
  • 6 Levels.
  • From 1-36 weeks.
  • 10 students maximum per class.
  • 5 students minimum per class.

The Basic Spanish Course consists of four hours of lessons per day; two grammar classes and two conversation classes. In the grammar classes, students work with our own unique course books, which are designed to cater for all different language levels. These course books are written by professional linguists, who have a great deal of experience in teaching Spanish language. They are based on highly innovative teaching methods, which encourage the student to be as creative as possible in the use of their language, right from the start of the learning process. They comprise of interactive exercises, divided into different levels according to the European marking system (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). The authors have paid particular attention to the selection of topics addressed in each lesson, as well as to the corresponding activities.

During conversation classes, students are encouraged to talk about what they have just learnt in their grammar class. This helps them to reinforce what they have learnt, and to apply it during normal conversation. Once again, lessons are backed up by course material made up of activities designed to encourage each student to actively participate in classes, to develop their creativity and enthusiasm for the language, and to interact with other students. Students also learn how to structure and organise their ideas in Spanish. These classes aim to help students to immerse themselves in the language quickly and naturally. The Spanish taught is that spoken in central Spain, although Latin American variations will be explored.

This is our most popular course thanks to its excellent price to content ratio. It is perfect for students who are thinking of enrolling for a long period of time, as it gradually builds up a thorough and complete knowledge of the Spanish language, whilst allowing them to profit from the Spanish culture and lifestyle in their free time.

1 20 156 EUR
2 40 284 EUR
3 60 404 EUR
4 80 520 EUR
EXTRA 20 116 EUR
STANDARD SPANISH COURSE 5 out of 5 based on 24 ratings. 5 user reviews. By: November 18th, 2011 .
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