Spanish courses for people over 50

Throughout our experience in the field of teaching Spanish to foreigners, we found out that the needs and goals of our students are not the same in all cases.
Therefore, Universpain has designed a special course for people over 50 (although other younger students can participate as well if they share the same goals) having in mind the particular needs of these students.
Our main goal is to prepare and support the student without forgetting that it’s not only based on the classes and the methodology. Learning a language means much more than to just learn the rules and the grammar, and the environment in which the classes are being held is essential.

Elementary level:

An ideal course for students who know the basics of Spanish and want to consolidate their knowledge in order to:

Advanced level:

A student of Spanish who is able to communicate correctly in the language but is interested in deepening more his or her knowledge and in dominating the language fluently can choose this level in order to be able to:

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