• 6 Levels.
  • From 1-36 weeks.
  • 10 students maximum per class.
  • 5 students minimum per class.

The Power Spanish course consists of 6 hours of tuition a day: two hours of grammar, three of conversation and one hour of writing practice.

Conversation classes are the ideal opportunity for students to put into practice what they have learnt in their grammar classes. These classes also help students to immerse themselves fully in the Spanish language. Students are encouraged to engage in spontaneous, unplanned conversation, allowing them to acquire a natural feel for the language. Didactic material includes activities and exercises which encourage students to actively participate in class discussions, to be creative and enthusiastic in their communication with others, and to organise and structure their ideas and opinions in Spanish.

In addition to these four hours of study, students also do one hour of writing exercise, consisting of textual analysis and an exploration of different writing techniques.

1 30 280 EUR
2 60 512 EUR
3 90 748 EUR
4 120 980 EUR
EXTRA 30 236 EUR
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