Extra cultural Spanish course

Universpain offers this kind of course to all students that wish to get to know the Spanish culture or wish to profound their knowledge. Aimed at all students, the course is especially recommendable for students that are interested in (contemporary) history, anthropology, sociology, art history, communication, the economic situation...
Topics that will be discussed during the course are the situation of the Spanish language in the world, the actual problems, the immigration, the unemployment, the importance of family in Spain, the habits and traditions, the gastronomy, the Spanish art of the 20th century, modern literature, the popular celebrations...
The course consists out of two hours a day and is complementary to every other course we offer. Universpain recommends combining the Cultural Course with the Intensive Spanish Course. During the course, students will be provided with all necessary course material (included maps, texts, photos, videos..) so that the student will be able to express and think about his/her opinion in Spanish from level A2-B1.


Content: Structured in ten entities, each entity covers a general theme, which is then distributed in more specific themes. Each entity has a scheme that will be repeated in all themes.

Grammatical, functional, socio-cultural contents as well as vocabulary will be practiced with oral, writing and insight (understanding) exercises.

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