Academic year in Salamanca

The academic year course consists of four hours of classes per day; two of grammar and two of conversation. In the grammar classes, students work with our own unique course books, which are designed to cater for all different language levels. These course books are unique to our school and are written by professional linguists, who have a great deal of experience in teaching Spanish language. The authors have paid special attention to the selection of topics and activities that go with each lesson. The aim is to highlight how important grammar is when learning to write and communicate in another language. The course material is divided into different levels, according to the European marking scheme (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

During conversation classes, the teacher encourages students to practice what they have learnt in their grammar classes. Once again, the school has a wide variety of course material that provides activities designed to encourage students to actively participate in the classes, to use their imagination, to communicate with other students and to learn to structure and organise their ideas in Spanish. The aim of these classes is to give students the confidence and skills they need to deal with everyday situations in Spanish, and to put their grammar into practice.

During the last three months of the course, students also receive D.E.L.E classes. The aim of these classes is to prepare the student for the D.E.L.E (Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera) exam. These preparatory classes are designed to give students the specific language skills required to overcome any difficulties in the exam, and to give them an idea of the kind of questions they will come up against in the exam. Students are given an hour?s D.E.L.E tuition a day in which the teacher will go over the structure of the exam, the instructions on each exercise and the amount of time they should spend on each question.

One of the main objectives of this course is to familiarise the student with the exam they are about to take. The exercises given in these classes will therefore mirror those given in the exam.

Exam enrolment fees are not included in the price of the course.

The academic year always starts in the first week of September. If you wish to start on a different date, please contact the school directly.

This course has always been very popular among our students and is the course we feel most proud of.

The city of Salamanca is worldwide known due to its prestige university, which is one of the oldest in Europe. Every year thousands of students from all over the world come to Salamanca to study. This gives Salamanca a young and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Furthermore Salamanca is famous for its beautiful monuments, cultural offer and varied gastronomy.

Universpain offers the possibility to attend a Spanish course in Salamanca from September until June. This type of course allows a deepening studying of the Spanish language.

The course takes place in the morning and is divided into two parts: a grammar class and a conversation class, following the Common European Framework. Most of the time the student follows a studying route through the exclusive textbooks of Universpain (divided into 6 levels). The learning material is based on a innovative learning methode which contains the involvement of the student during the whole process of studying.
The basis is the central Spanish spoken in the center of Spain. But the teachers go also into the details of the hispanic Spanish.
During the last month of the course one hour per day is used to prepare the DELE exams. The student works on the details and difficulties which the exams entail. Additionally the student gains a set of precise linguistic skills.

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