Santander Province


Nested between the ria of Treto and the berry of Santoña, Laredo is a major tourist locality of the coast of Cantabrie. It has one of the nicest and bigger beaches of the region: Salvé, huge expanse of five-kilometre sand.


Located on the north road of the Way of saint-Jacques de Compostelle, Santillana del Mar is a marvellous medieval city which developed around the collegiate church of Santa María.
Numerous towers of defence and palaces revival make of Santillana one of the most important historical centres of Cantabrique.


Santoña always maintained a strong link with the sea, to such an extent that she has the first harbour of preserved food of all cantabrique coastal region. Her industry is based first of all on the marketing of the tuna and the famous anchovies in the oil of olive.
Santoña is shared in two zones: the town centre, put down on a lowland, and a zone really desolate se raises the slope of Brusco there el Buciero. The history of the city is joined à that of the monastère Santa María del Puerto, who became the Romance church of Santa María del Puerto.
His military fortifications, regrouped around the Mount Buciero, also reveal the strategical importance of the harbour. The forts of San Martín, San Carlos and Mazo or Napoleon are in comparatively good state.

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