Santander Nightlife

Zone of the Centre of Santander:

it is the ideal place to go of tapas:la zone of the place of Cañadio, the street Hernán Cortes, Daoiz y Velarde, Santa Lucia zones á are strong inflow during night.
Bars have as habit to close á 3 h, then they remain some some opened as Rockambole, in Hernán Cortés, dance hall Pachá in Puertochico o Indian, on the street Casimiro Sáinz there only. In the quarter of her shingles of Rio de Pila they do not close before 4 am.

Zone of the street Vargas a The French:

this party of the city will be perfect to take some types and then begin his party with some chupitos of streets Vargas á San Luis, before extending his night in the centre to santander.
 On the street Perines a multitude of bars.

El Sardinero:

You can find the famous pub Buenas Noches Santander, on the beach of Concha, with an impregnable view on the beaches of Sardinero and sea Cantabrique

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