Santander Monuments

The town hall

This building has a modern architecture because it was constructed in 2 stages, in 1907 then in 1964 according to the plans of Julio Maria Zapata.

Church cathedral Nuestra Señora of Asuncion

She became cathedral in XVIIIth century. Nevertheless, it acted as abbey in VIIIth century, and as collegiate in XIIIth century. His plan includes three naves and four spans. Bedhead has three polygonal chapels.
His arch is in junction of ogives resting on cross-shaped pillars. His cloister is square with arcades in ogive. It is not decorated. His inside shelters the mausoleum of Menéndez Pelayo, work of Victorio Macho.

Eastern market Constructs

Between 1839 and 1942, this market occupies 2 690 m2 of the new city in the zone is of Santander of the place of Prinicipe has Puerto Chico. This plan was set up by the town hall under local direction Antonio Zabaleta, one of the faces most representatives.of the Spanish architecture during the 19th .

Church of Nuestra Señora of Asuncion

This cathedral is an emblematic building of Santander, linked á the history of the city and á its religious life. Outside, it is not comparable in other Spanish gothic cathedrals.

In effect, his building dates to a great extent from the 14th century but she knew numerous modifications in the course of the centuries especially during the fire of 1941 which entraina a deep modification of its original architecture.

Palacio of Festivales

This palace is an ideal and sumptuous place for all celebrations is favour of its equipment and its facilities, it is a symbol architectural and cultural of the 21th century of Santander.
Since 1952 they use Plaza Porticada for the opening of the International Festival of Santander (MADE), but it was a temporary measure. It was only in 1990 when this palace becomes the official place for the festival which takes place every summer.

Puerto Chico

It was the shelter of the fishers of Santander. Today it is a quiet and delightful harbour or have it can offer numerous delicious fish.

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