Santander Festivals

Carnivals Marineros (Febrero, Santoña)

In February when of numerous carnavales get organized in all region, famous city Santoña on Sundays the carnival of the bargemen. This day the thousands of persons come to use one of the most coloured carnivals and originals of Spain.

El acoso blanco

thee first Friday of July begins Coso Blanco, in this day of reading are made and during night after fires of devices it is a parade of tanks decorated by the local artisans. Throughout the parade, there is an  original fanfare which attracts  numerous visitors and curious for this unique event.

Day of Cantabria

 thee second Sunday of August, they celebrate the day of Cantabrie in the locality of Cabezón of Sal,festivities begin early about 10 h with a fanfare, of pipers who go around the city during all the day.

Battle of flowers

Last Friday of fAugust,this parade mobilizes miliers of persons with more than a dozen of tanks covered
with flowers. This event requires whole detailed organization and the experience of the artisans specialized in flowers and petals.

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