Province towns and villages (II)


Ledesma is famous in the entire province because of its spa. The use of the Spa of Ledesma goes back to Roman times, in the days of Emperor Marco Aurelio. The village stands out on a granite base bathed by the Tormes River going northwest from the Salamanca capital. The old Roman Bridge serves like access to the village crossing the river. Santa Maria la Mayor church is a must visiting monument. This temple is located in the main square, overlooking a village in which you can still easily see medieval buildings, like feudal mansions with the shield of the gentleman of the town: Don Beltrán de la Cueva. The spa and hotel complex is located beside the river Tormes. Its waters have a low concentration of minerals and they are suitable for different conditions (rheumatic, skin and respiratory ailments, etc.) Don’t leave Ledesma without tasting the sweet "rosquillas de Ledesma" (doughnuts).

Miranda del castañar

Miranda del Castañar is another lovely place in Salamanca province. Two small rivers, the Francia and the San Benito, surround this old village located in the heart of Francia Mountain Range. Defended by solid walls, the solemn figures of the castle tower of homage and the church stand out from the XIII century Going into in the village through the door of San Ginés, next to the castle and the old market, you can enjoy the walk along Calle Larga, in which Christians, Jews and Moors lived in houses that even now carry the coat of arms of their original occupants. The jail, the Notary's house, the house of los Tejeda and the other gateways of the city's wall are other must visiting places in a village with spectacular views of the Francia Mountain Range. Miranda del Castañar is especially worth visiting on February 5th, the festival of Santa Agueda, when men have to obey women.

Alba de Tormes

Southwest of the province's capital is located the village of Alba de Tormes, a Catholic pilgrimage destiny conserving several relics of Saint Teresa. The Saint's body is in the Carmelite Convent, founded in 1570 by the saint. You can see the cell where she died, and in the convent church, you can look up to the special place above the High Altar where a green marble coffin holds her earthly remains. Other interesting buildings in Alba de Tormes are the XIIth century Church of San Juan, several Mudejar-style churches, a medieval bridge and the tower of the Duke of Alba's castle. The Armoury Tower stands as a reminder of the old palace belonging to one of Spain's most powerful dukedoms


Candelario is a picturesque village of narrow streets and typical stone and wood houses which cluster together for protection against the cold winter. The village is, without any doubt, one of best rural cores which have been preserved in the Salamanca province and because of that has become a popular summer resort. Candelario is placed in a natural setting of great ecological value and alpine atmosphere with beautiful landscapes formed by chestnut trees, oaks and birches in its woodland. In the village good examples of traditional highland popular architecture can be admired with picturesque buildings with ancient tradition. Due to this singularity Candelario was declared Historical-Artistic site in 1975.

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