Nightlife in Salamanca

Salamanca is the perfect place for students who want partying at night. From midnight to morning lights, Salamanca turns out a fiesta paradise. In order to begin you can go out to Tapas bars, for example to Gran Via zone, where you will find many young people and students jammed. You will be able to drink beer or eat varied appetizers in a cheap way.

Normally the college students in Salamanca live in rent houses or residences, since the great majority of them comes from other cities. The night begins in these homes or parks of the city with the famous "botellon"(Cheap drinks with alcohol in big bottles), that usually finishes around midnight and is developed normally in the Anaya plaza or San Francisco Park.

The clubs are usually empty before midnight. Many discos offer drink specials and freebies. It's impossible to count all the bars in Salamanca, with different styles and music. And all can de reached by a walk. The night scene in Salamanca is very varied. Different zones exist with different types of music and atmospheres. In addition, any day of the week is optimal to go out. Tuesdays are the official day for foreigners. Wednesdays are the "spectator's day" in cinemas. Thursday is the day par excellence for college students. On Fridays and Saturdays everyone join the party, local Salmantinos, foreign students and people of nearby towns, joining the perfect place for a great weekend. The more concurred zones are: Gran Via, the streets nearby The Plaza Mayor and, outside de Historic quarter, Van Dick street, near de local cinemas. In summer there are fewer people, but there are more foreign visitors, who like to go out every night. They frequent places like Camelot, Gatsby, El Puerto de Chus, Morgana, Submarino, Moderno and Cum-Laude.

Gatsby is one of the most popular places among foreign students due to the music and the fact that it is located in the centre of the town, where you'll find the highest concentration of university students. At this club, there are two different atmospheres to choose: the one with the dance floor and the bar area. They play varied music. Camelot is the most famous disco in Salamanca. The place itself is very special; because it was once a convent with its medieval atmosphere. They also organize great concerts. Morgana is other discotheque in town, famous attracting both teenagers and mature people Downstairs, teenagers dance cheerfully to house, techno and dance rhythms. The decoration is also medieval witch. Cum laude attracts upmarket visitors of young professionals and foreign students, and offers them a distinguished setting: a dance floor imitation of the Plaza Mayor made out of authentic Villamayor sandstone. Café Moderno is well-known because it was one of the first clubs to promote innovative and unconventional activities. They not only create their own cultural program, named El Gallo, but they also offer original shows every week For the latest jazz music, Birdland offers an excellent atmosphere; you should definitely go there for a mid-afternoon coffee. Or if you prefer live shows visit the club after 11.30pm to listen great music.

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