Itineraries Salamanca (I)

The Silver Route to Sierra de Béjar

The province of Salamanca can be visited touring interesting itineraries. One of these is the Silver Route (Via de la Plata), a Roman road that linked Valencia and Astorga and was later used by the Christian pilgrims in route to Santiago de Compostela. This itinerary through the province takes in Guijuelo and Béjar. Romanesque-Mudejar churches, Dehesas for the best cure ham and medieval constructions are some of the zone’s points of interest. Used by the different peoples that have inhabited or passed through the Peninsular West, the route's strategic and economic importance in times past has made it a growing tourist itinerary. Heading South out of Salamanca, the Silver Route coincides with the N-630 national road. At the halfway mark, a road branches off to Guijuelo, a town of much interest because is the land of the cured ham, one of Spain’s most delicious specialities. The route enters Extremadura through Puerto de Béjar and passes crossing the Cuerpo de Hombre river valley. Along its path there are many interesting historical villages and towns, like Bejar, Candelario and Montemayor del Rio.
Bejar, well-known for its XIXth century textile production, was important at the times of Moors and in the later Renaissance. Its bullring is among the oldest in Spain. More must sights are the Palace of the Dukes and the ruins of the Moorish fortifications. Candelario is a picturesque village in the route, with its stone houses and impressively inclines streets. The sausages produced there are of high reputation.

Campo Charro to Ciudad Rodrigo and Sierra de Gata

Campo Charro Zone leads on to Ciudad Rodrigo, one of the province's most historic towns, and to the Sierra de Gata. The Gata Mountain Range is located in the far southwest of the province, bordering on Portugal and Caceres. This majestic mountain range is made up of valleys and peaks. Its ever changing landscape invites to stare a while. This is a region result of granite hills and quiet valleys, close to typical villages which conserve their traditional architectural styles. Ciudad Rodrigo and the Sierra de Gata Mountain Range are places not to miss in Salamanca province.
From Salamanca you can take the N-620/E-80 road, which runs directly to the monumental town of Ciudad Rodrigo through one of the area's most typical stretches of terrain, Campo Charro. It is an immense, slightly undulating plain where meadows are dotted with holm oaks. These expensive pastures are vital to animals like fighting bulls, for which these lands are an earthly paradise. The world's most renowned bull breeders are based in this province.

Sierra de Francia

The diversity of climate and vegetation together with the unusual relief mean that the Sierra de Francia has many different faces within only a few kilometres. From Mediterranean climate on the low mountains, where brushwood is prevalent, to an Atlantic weather with oaks, ashes and chestnut trees where vineyards and cherry orchards can be found. The medieval villages of the Sierra de Francia, with their churches, squares and narrow streets opening to give spectacular views, are delightful to wander round. The mountain range comprises not to miss sites as La Alberca, and Miranda del Castañar, a Historic-Artistic Site, as well as natural spots such as the Peña de Francia peak. The mountain peak of Peña de Francia, of 1.700 meters height, is a very popular excursions destination that offers great views of these lands. Nearby you should visit La Alberca, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and the first that was declared, in 1940, a National Heritage Monument. More places worth visiting are Sequeros, Mogarraz and Miranda del Castañar, a very beautiful village.

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