Province Festivals


Miranda del Castañar and La Alberca celebrate Las Calendas on February the 2nd and Las Águedas and the Día de las Mayordomas on the 5th. Carnival of the Bull festivities, which have no fixed date, are held in Ciudad Rodrigo in that month.

March and April

Depending on the dates on which Easter falls in these months, Holy Week celebrations are held in all the towns and villages of the province. Lunes de aguas (Monday of waters) is a Salmantine celebration in which families and friends join themselves to enjoy the day sharing typical "hornazo". It is traditional to celebrate this outgoing day with a lunch in the countryside. People go away to the Tormes river banks or to the recreational areas and natural spaces next to the city. This tradition remembers the day centuries ago in which prostitutes returned to the city after forced to leave during the Easter. The custom began with King Phillip II who condemned the public women to remain outside the city during the dates of the Easter. When finalizing Easter, students received them with great joy and help them crossing the river, thus closing the period of abstinence.


San Juan de Sahagun (June 12th) is a celebration in honour of the patron saint of Salamanca, a four-day holiday period of continuous festivities in which musical acts in the streets and a bullfighting festival are celebrated. June is the garlic season, and the shoppers sell it cheaper in the markets of the city. Later, June 29th marks the celebrations of St. Peter and St. Paul almost everywhere throughout the province.


From July 25th in Candelario and many others villages in the entire province heralds the celebrations of St. James the Apostle with bullfights featuring 2 to 3-year old bullocks and novice fighters, and running of the bulls through the village streets; La Alberca celebrates the 15th and 16th August with La Ofrenda y loa de Nuestra Señora, a traditional mystery play. The same August 15th La Mariseca, a weathervane of bull-shape is installed in the Capital city hall.

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