Malaga Museums

Museum of Beaux-arts

Plaza de la Aduana, s/n 29005 (Palacio de la Aduana) Malaga (Malaga)
Tel. +34 952218382
The museum has numerous pictures, sculpture, furniture and dinnerware of the century XV - XVIII. It also keeps a collection of painting place of the XIXth century with authors' writings as Muñoz Degrain, Enrique Jaraba, Sorolla, Salts, and the Picasso's first 2 painting: Estudio of viejos. El Viejo de la manta.

House-Museum of Pablo Ruiz Picasso

(Plaza de la Merced, 15 29012 Malaga (Malaga)
Tel. +34 952060215 / Fax +34 952215107
The creativity of Picasso:
This museum is in the natal home of Pablo Picasso with a permanent collection of the original paintings of the artist. On the first floor, there are three rooms or sound gathered the various means of expressions used by Picasso: ceramic, engravings and illustrated books.
The museum recuperates the period of 1931-1971 with some writings representative of Miro, Bacon, Ernst, Hidden o Chillida.
In total, about more than 3500 rooms 200 artists compose bottom of this museum
Monday to Sunday: 9.30-20.00 h.
Closed: bank holiday

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