Malaga Guide

Malaga is a flourishing city bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, thousands of visitors come to this haven to enjoy Malaga's beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. There is nothing better than strolling along the coastal promenade, facing the sea. And if you decide to walk along the path that leads to the city's old fortress, you won't be disappointed. The views from this thousand year old fortress are absolutely amazing. Study Spanish in Spain in Malaga. Why not study Spanish along some of the most fantastic beaches of Spain? Its warm climate will allow you to enjoy the sun and the sea all year long. Malaga is located in the southernmost part of Spain, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, known as Costa del Sol (the Sunny Coast). It is one of the eight regional capitals of Andalusia and the biggest coastal city in the south with approximately 600,000 inhabitants. Malaga is truly a "sunny coast" with over 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 23° C (73° F). The Costa del Sol guarentees good weather for all your outdoor activities.
The people in Malaga, Malagueños, are known for frequently going out at night to talk, to drink, or to eat out. Downtown, Malagueños enjoy a thriving night life in Malaga's well-known tapas bars and restaurants The city holds its tradition of following the "Mediterranean Diet," by eating fruit and vegetables from the Guadalhorce Valley and fish from Malaga Bay. This delicious yet healthy food has satisified Malaga's visitors for over two thousand years. Malaga is not just a beach city, it is also a historical center, where you will discover the wealth of different cultures that have passed through the city throughout centuries. In fact, if you walk through the streets of Malaga, you will notice the Arab and Roman monuments, influence from the previous settlers.

Furthermore, Malaga is the hometown of the most famous modern artist in the world, Pablo Picasso, whose work is exhibited in the International Pablo Picasso's Museum. The permanent collection of more than 200 paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, and graphic works, captures the extraordinary vision of Picasso. The collection illuminates the entire breadth of his long and prolific career, from his first academic studies, to his late paintings of the 1970's. Many of these works have not been exhibited widely and some have never been viewed publicly. The entire province of Malaga offers travelers a look at the great beauty of its majestic mountains. However, visiting Malaga won't be enough! You cannot leave Spain without visiting the wonders its neighboring cities: Ronda, Granada, Cordoba and Valencia.

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