Malaga Festivals

Malaga is a famous city for its festivals and its exuberance, t there is some which you should not especially miss!

January 6th

It is the arrival of 2 “los Reyes Magos” who bring presents to the children, there is one marches spectacular very appreciated by the smallest.

The Holy Week

There are numerous streams with a brotherhood Del Señor de los Gitanos, on Monday and one brotherhood of our father Jesus el Rico, on Wednesdays, and also the release of a prisoner as want it tradition since Carlos III.

In May: festivities del Corpus Cristo

It is marvellous and lasted 4 days during which there are animations on each of the streets.

The third week of August:

Feria there summer holidays. During this féria, folklore attains its paroxysm, with parades and the famous féria of the horse.

December 28th:the day of los Santos Inocentes

It gathers persons of all cities to sing and dance together up to the last breath. This show is really original and curious.

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