Accommodation in Salamanca

In this section you can find all of the different types of accommodation we offer. Choose the one you prefer or like. Remember that you can combine two or even three different accommodation during your stay with Universpain.

Accommodation in Salamanca

As soon as we receive your enrollment form, you will get a confirmation notice and detailed information of your course, services, and accommodation.

Universpain Guarantees

All types of accommodation will be continuously monitored by "Universpain". If upon arrival you find your accommodation to be damaged in any way, you must immediately report the damage to our accommodation department so that the it can be repaired as promptly as possible. Universpain ensures supreme convenience by making sure all accommodation provided by our school are a maximum 15 minute walk from the school. If you find your accommodation is inadequate, UNVIERSPAIN guarantees a change of accommodation within the first 48 hours of your stay. (There must be a justified reason to ask for a room change). You may combine several different types of accommodation during your stay depending on availability. In order to have multiple accommodations, you will have to ask notify UNIVERSPAIN in advance when you send us the enrollment form.

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